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Game Grumps 3d #01 Game Grumps 3d #01

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Haha, I was just watching the game grumps kirby series. This is one of my favorite 'parts' in Game Grumps besides the...I guess you could call it...the time when Arin flips out because knuckles is glitching out on ceiling in the sonic 06 series. (obviously)

Anyways, I love your animation skills--and I have seen some of your other videos on Youtube.
I long does it take you to make these, do you use templates you made beforehand, and then do you just edit them for later videos? Or do you just make them from scratch? I suppose there are other ways to animate 3-D style, but those are all I know of so far.... Great video overall! :3

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Esquirebob responds:

Hmm, let's see if I can answer that question, but probably not in the order you asked. It's hard to estimate how long this one took, as I was only working on it after work in my free time. Every one after however, since I had the characters already done, was all done within the next 2 weeks before I posted it. That includes creating the environment, lighting and rendering. As for a template? I'm not sure specifically what you mean, but I have been saving the environments I've made so far, just in case I make another one set in the same place (hasn't happened yet, but can't be too careful). Hope that answers your question to some degree :D

Also, thanks! :)

Cube Marathon Cube Marathon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i really do love this, i cant even finish a rubix cube...the music fits well, "runaway" would be good for this too. (even though runaway fits with everything) anyways this is epic! :D